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Next level reporting?

Grow your business profitably and confidently, with real-time management reporting and financial modelling. Hubflow gives you complete control of your business.


Next level reporting

Scenario planning

Easily see the outcomes of potential decisions by modelling your forecast. See the effect they would have on your business before you make them.

Better cashflow projections

Cashflow forecasting is important for your business. We can show you graphs, charts and narrative that are easy to understand. Don't just hope for the best!

Advanced business planning

Flexible, detailed business plans for startups and established firms. You know what you want; Hubflow lets drill down into the details to achieve it.

Live data reporting

Manage your finances in real time with online dashboards. If something unepected happens you can adapt your plan to see the effect.

Business monitoring

Our alerts trigger the minute something changes; for example, if your bank goes below a set level or your debtors reach a certain level. More or less anything.

Management reports

All reports are produced in a way that you can understand. Hubflow really does keep your business safe and takes you to the next level.
Next level reporting

Why Hubflow?

Spreadsheets are a little outdated, and keeping your forecasting and reporting up to date can be a challenge. Hubflow shows you real-time data for a live view of your business.

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Smart forecasting

Control is key!

When you view your forecasting and reporting as a wall of numbers, it’s impossible to collaborate over. With Hubflow, you can compare your future assumptions with current and past performance. Our clear and concise reporting makes it easy to interpret your figures.

Record keeping in 3 clicks

We encourage all our clients to use Dext, which makes record-keeping easy and links directly to Xero

Accounting in the cloud

Xero gold champion partner Accountants

Xero makes online invoicing simple and gives you access to your accounts anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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