My Accountancy Hub have made it easy, fast and secure to sign documents we send you. With just a few taps you can easily send your e-signature back to us for filing. Here’s how you do it..

On Desktop

  • Once you receive and open your email from us, click the yellow tab saying start. It’s on the left-hand side.
  • Click on the signature box and type your name, then click apply.
  • At the bottom a new box appears saying “click to sign”. Click that and you’re done!
  • If you want to, you to you can download a copy.

On Mobile or Tablet

  • Once you open your email, click where it says “Click here to review and sign your document”.
  • A new window will open. Accept the cookie and other technologies disclaimer by clicking Accept.
  • Click the yellow box which says start (top right).
  • Go down to the signature part and click where you need to sign.
  • Draw you signature on screen and enter you name below and click apply.
  • A new box appears saying “click to sign”. Click and you’re done! If you want, you can download a copy.

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