Limited companies can request to be removed from the register (known as being stuck off) if they are dormant or cease to trade.

An objection can be made if you are a shareholder or other interested party (namely a creditor) and have a good reason to stop the application. Some reasons for objecting are:

  • Failure to notify you about the company’s decision to be stuck off.
  • You have reason to believe the directors have broken the law (money laundering or tax fraud)
  • The declarations on the application are incorrect.
  • You are owed money and want to take court action.

A notice is posted in the Gazette, following the company’s application to be struck off. Once published you can raise an objection to Companies House.

In order to support your objection, you will need to provide Companies House with evidence, for example copies of unpaid invoices, or proof that the company is still trading.

The objection must be received at Companies House at least 2 weeks before the notice expiry date. Companies House will let you know if your objection has been successful.

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