The current advice is to work from home where you can. For some sectors this is not possible therefor employers must make the working environment safe. Employers must keep up to date with the latest government regulations as they change frequently. Here’s the guidance across most industries.

Thinking of returning to work?
Employers need to talk to employees about returning to the workplace, address any concerns they have and resolve any issues. Maybe work part time, limit the number of people returning or maybe have a rota system to ensure the workplace is always manned. However, as I write this, working from home is still the best bet.

Do I have a duty of Care?
Yes, employers do have a duty of care, not just for their employees, but also anyone visiting the workplace. It’s your responsibility to make sure the environment is safe.

How do I make my workplace safe during COVID?/strong>

    • Make sure everyone sticks to the social distancing rules (2 metres apart)
    • Tape areas off, use floor signs and put notices up for people visiting the workplace.
    • Take extra steps for vulnerable groups (pregnant, Over 70’s or people with a health condition)
    • Avoid travel and hold meeting remotely if possible.
    • Make sure the workplace is clean and encourage people to wash their hand regularly.
    • Provide sanitiser at key locations, entrances, desks, toilet and kitchen areas.
    • Keep up to date with the latest government advice.

What if employees do not want to return?
Understandably some people may be afraid to return to work especially those at high risk. An employer should always listen to concerns that employees have and take the necessary steps to protect everyone.

Even after addressing concerns, employees may still not want to come in. If this is the case, they can ask for time off as holidays or take unpaid leave. This doesn’t have to be approved by the employer.

VC Creative (one of our clients) can supply you with all the necessary COVID signage, Here’s the link.

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