With the new season of Game of Thrones starting, we thought we’d try our best to theme this week’s blog around it! So, apologies in advance for any cheap puns!

We’ve been using VOIP phones in the office for a while now and thought we’d share the benefits!

What are VOIP phones?
VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, so basically your phone system runs over the internet instead of a medieval landLION.  The system is digital and there are some great features that a normal phone system can’t deliver.

Save money!
We currently pay £64 per month for 4 lines.  That’s £16 per line.  In Stark contrast, our BT phone bill used to be over £200 per month.  Your saving will depend on how many lines you need, but it won’t take much time to work out if it’s worth changing over to VOIP.  You’ll need a decent internet connection or the line might sound like someone is talking Valyrian, but most businesses have these days, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Never miss a call!
If customers are ringing your business and there’s no answer, you could be missing out on sales and you’re also not delivering a great customer experience. With VOIP phones, you can set the system to forward the call to your mobile or home phone after say 5 rings, then you or one of your trusty squires will be on hand to pick up the call.

Contact address book
Any contact details you hold for customers can be uploaded into the system.  This lets you see who is calling and answering the phone by name can be a great personal touch.  Also, you can identify annoying sales calls and avoid them like they’re white walkers!

Out of office times
The system can be set to go to voicemail for specific office hours if needed.  Having an undisturbed lunch break can be priceless to refresh the mind and works well in our office!  Any messages are picked up after lunch and everyone is happy!

Customised messages
Customised messages can easily be uploaded for voicemail and out of office replies.  You can add music, use a generated voice from the system that says the text you want, or record a message yourself.  Either way it gives the customer an option to send a raven, rather than the phone just ring out and they take their business elsewhere.

There’s lots of information out there about VOIP systems and it’s something we would definitely recommended! Enjoy Game of Thrones!

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