Building a successful business relies on many things, but the most important thing to remember is that your employees are your key asset. They keep your business going, and are often the face of the business too. For this reason, it’s imperative to keep your employees happy.

Happy staff, or “the team” as we refer to them, are generally more productive, engaged, creative and loyal. Retaining employees is essential for building relationships with your customers: people like to deal with the same faces.

Let’s take a look at some simple changes we introduced over the last few years that really have made a difference.

Make employees feel they’re part of a team and part of the business
Maybe you’re planning a big change? We rebranded back in April. The whole team were involved in how the business should look, what type of clients we want to attract, determining niches and how the business should move forward. Now, they are involved in the day-to-day social media posts and writing blogs, and are coming up with some great ideas for the future.

Recognise work-life balance
Most of the team have got kids. We realise the importance of attending Christmas concerts, sports days and all the other school activities, and always accommodate requests to attend such events.

Be flexible on start times
Dropping kids off, relying on public transport, weather and traffic can affect the time you get to work. We’ve adopted a flexible approach (within reason). We appreciate that team members do come in early as well, work into their lunchtime and sometimes work late. Remember, it works both ways!

Ditch the dress code
During our rebranding process we decided to ditch the suits and wear smart casual. The whole office is more relaxed and client feedback has been positive.

Let the team watch sporting events at work
We first introduced this during Euro 2016 and again for the 2018 World Cup. It’s great for teambuilding and adds to a relaxed environment.

Give your team the correct training
Listen to your team’s requirements, look for areas of improvement within your business and tackle them head on. The correct training gives the team the confidence to deal with customers as well as enhancing their careers.

Recognise milestones that your staff achieve
If a team member passes an exam or brings in new business, saying “well done” or “thank you” means a lot.

Give your team the correct tools for the job
Times are changing very quickly, especially in our industry. Listen to ideas from the team, look into them and implement. Not only does it keep everyone happy, it increases efficiency.

Have early finish Fridays
We finish at 4 on a Friday. It’s only an hour early but it makes a difference to the working week!

Give your staff their birthdays off
From 2019 My Accountancy Hub will be giving each team member their Birthday off – fully paid and without using their holiday entitlement.

Most importantly, always keep the channels of communication open and listen to what the team say. Not only will you keep your staff happy and productive, they will stay with you!

Success Starts by Taking Action

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