Here’s a more detailed explanation of the services in our packages.

We’ll prepare and file your accounts with HMRC and Companies House, so you don’t get any fines.

Corporation Tax Return
We’ll calculate the company tax liability, file the return with HMRC, and provide you with a link for paying your tax bill.

Even with one director, a payroll scheme is needed. We’ll register the scheme, submit your payroll figures to HMRC, provide weekly or monthly payslips and let you know how much to pay HMRC each month.

Personal Tax Return
We’ll prepare your tax return, let you know how much tax you owe, file the tax return with HMRC, and send you a secure link to make payment to HMRC. We’ll also chase you to get your records to us on time, to avoid fines!

In order to make your life easier and give you regular updates on where you stand, we use Xero and Receipt Bank with our clients. There’s a monthly subscription per client and we include it in your bill to cover the cost. It’s well worth it just for the time saved!

Confirmation Statement
This had to be filed each year to inform Companies House of whether there have been any changes to directors during the year. If it’s not filed, Companies House close your company down and freeze any funds in your bank account!  We’ll pay the annual £13 fee and file it each year for you.

Quarterly Tax and Dividend Planning
We don’t like to see our clients get in a mess. We’ll give you regular updates on what you can take out of the company, so you don’t get into trouble and take too much.  We’ll also give you updates on how much tax is due, so you can keep some savings and don’t get hit with an unexpected bill at the end of the year!

Email and Phone Support
If you’ve got any questions or need advice on anything, we’re always here to help!

Adobe sign
If for some reason you can’t make it in to our office to go through your accounts and tax returns, we send a secure email and you can sign digitally on your mobile phone or via your PC.

VAT Returns and Bookkeeping
We’ll prepare and submit your quarterly VAT returns, letting you know how much to pay.

Dividend Vouchers
We’ll prepare your dividend vouchers every time we advise you that a dividend is payable.

Annual Business Review
At the end of the financial year, we’ll review the accounts with you and highlight any areas that need addressing, which can help save you tax and increase profits.

Tax Credit Form
We’ll fill out all the figures for you on your Tax Credit Applications to make sure you get it in on time and your money doesn’t get stopped.

Mortgage Applications
We’ll provide the figures for your application and sign any accountant certificates needed to make the application go as smoothly as possible.

Quarterly Management Accounts
If you want to see how your business is performing on a more frequent basis, we can give you a report pack showing various “key performance indicators” such as monthly profit and loss analysis, gross profit margins and how long it takes for your customers to pay you on average.

Employment Contracts
When employing staff, you will need to provide them with a written terms and conditions of employment within two months of them starting.  We will prepare the terms for you, ready to give to staff, keeping you within the law.

Fee Protection Insurance
If HMRC decide to investigate your business, you’ll be covered for any accountancy fees relating to the work.

Our Address as Registered Office
If you don’t want your address to show up on Companies House register, you can use our office address as the registered office for your company.

Processing Payments to HMRC
If you think you might forget to pay HMRC, we can do it for you, so your tax gets paid from your bank account on time and you don’t miss a payment.

Auto Enrolment Pensions
If you have any staff who earn above £10,000 per year and are aged 22 and over, you’ll need to enrol them into a pension scheme. We’ll set up the scheme, assess your employees on an ongoing basis, produce letters for them explaining their situation, calculate their pension contributions and make all the necessary submissions. In short, we’ll handle the whole process and make sure all your legal obligations for auto-enrolment are fulfilled!

Company Formation
If you need a company setting up, we can advise you and handle the whole process, so you can start trading through your company as soon as possible.

Business Plans
If you need a business plan to get finance or set goals and the direction of your business, we can help prepare the plan with you.

We’ve also been known to give marriage counselling and help with family disputes, but that something that comes extra when you get to know us!

There’s lots to consider when running your business and we’re here to help you all the way!

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