A lot of businesses gain work by using sales quotes. A professional looking quote can increase the chances of winning a new customer and instantly builds a good image for your business at the early stages of a relationship. In a great deal of cases sales can be lost by simply not producing a quote fast enough or not following it up.

Using Xero can help streamline this whole process and grow your business by not missing out on important sales opportunities.

  • Templates can be customised within Xero, enabling you to produce great looking Quotes with ease.
  • Xero can be accessed via PC, laptop, tablet and mobile phone giving you the chance to create a quote right on the spot.
  • Quotes can be instantly emailed to a customer, with an option for them to accept the quote or leave a message. This drives a faster decision and can help cash flow due to work being won and complete in less time.
  • Xero helps keep track of quotes to enable you to manage follow ups.
  • Documents such as images/photos can be attached to the quote, helping give that extra bit of information which could help sway a decision.
  • If a quote is accepted, it can quickly be turned into an invoice and sent to the customer with the option for them to pay there and then.

Here’s a video from Xero showing how quotes works within the software:

A lot of our clients only use Xero for creating and managing quotes and invoices then leave the rest to us! Gather your paper work and send it to us monthly and we’ll keep your accounts up to date, freeing up time for you to spend on other important things!

If you’re interested in using Xero or want more information, give us a call on 0151 931 2724 or email contact@myaccountancyhub.co.uk.

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