It is said that an unorganized desk can waste 30 to 120 minutes every day. Well, if an unorganized desk has such a huge drawback, imagine the drawback of an unorganized business!

Even if one process of your business is unorganized, it can have a huge impact on your growth. Therefore you should strive to organize your business.

Here are some ways to organize your business.

1. Automate business processes and workflow
Do you feel that the day is too short for your work to be completed? Do you wish to have a day longer than 24 hours?

If your answer to either questions is yes, automation could be the best option for you.

According to The Productivity Institute, 20% of the average workday is spent on “crucial” and “important things”, while 80% of the average workday is spent on things that have “little value” or “no value”.

This is the main reason why you feel that the day is short. You are using your crucial time for things that are less important or of no value; you are doing some tasks (the kind that don’t need critical thinking or a human touch) that could be automated (i.e. done by a computer).

The majority of your tasks in your project roadmap can be considered for automation. These include social media scheduling, sending out promotional emails, blog content posting, automated software that can send and receive invoices, collection of lead-generation data, creating backups, etc.

All these chores need to be done, right? Now either you will do all these chores or you will make your employees do them. The thing is that your productivity is low due to your poor planning. You are making a human to do a job that is boring as well as not that important. If some work can be automated, and you are not automating it, you are wasting your mind, energy, and time on something that is not worth it.

● Automation helps free up your time and attention, so you can shift them to important ones.
● As a computer does the work, you are sure that you will get the right results and on time.
● It reduces the risk of important things falling from the cracks.
● It reduces the stress and boredom that is caused by doing repetitive work.
● Finally, you have more time to do more work.

The key is to not consider automation as a luxury, but as a way of freeing more time to focus on important and crucial tasks.

2. Use cloud computing and ditch the paperwork
In simple terms, cloud computing refers to storing and accessing software, data, and programs over the internet, instead of your computer’s hard drive. ‘Cloud’ is actually a metaphor for the internet. Every person uses cloud storage somehow or the other way. If you use a smartphone, you are using cloud storage. It is available in various communication tools: for iPhone it is iCloud and for other phones it is Google Drive.

The cloud serves as an alternative to traditional website hosting and data storage in a physical location. It enhances the company data’s stability and security and provides the company with flexibility, mobility, and even helps in reducing costs.

Being technologically advanced helps boost your productivity and reduce your costs. In today’s competitive market, you just need a small opportunity to overcome the competition and cloud computing is that opportunity.

If there is a lack of physical space, cloud computing is the best alternative to store data. And as it is very important to keep all the data and businesses are storing huge amounts of data, you will definitely need a lot of space to keep this data.

3. Organize emails
In the professional world, email is still the number one tool that is used for communication. And this is the reason why we receive so many emails every day and why so many emails are still not read.

86% of business professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes.

The first thing that you can do is automate your emails. Follow-up emails and promotional and trigger emails can be easily automated, saving you hours which you can invest in something more important. You can schedule emails and you can send them later with the help of Gmail or Boomerang.

You can also turn your emails into a task directly. This will save you the hassle of creating tasks manually. Moreover, if this process is automated, it will be done by the computer and therefore there will be no error and no task will be left behind. You can be sure that tasks for all the emails are created and no lead goes unnoticed.

4. Use templates
If you have done a project execution and the project went as per the plan, you should create a template of the project so that you do not have to create the project again and again. The thing is that we spend a lot of time on unnecessary things and that’s why we end up wasting our precious time.

If your work format is repeated for each project or work that you do, you should consider saving a template that can be used every time you get new work. You can also assign the assignees beforehand and this will also save time. If you know the timeline of the project, you can also save the date and time and therefore more time could be saved. There are various project management software programs out there, that allow you to change the start date of the project, and then all the dates will be changed by the project management software according to the date gaps of the tasks.

You can also use various available templates of the software to make your work easy.

5. Head start your tax preparations
According to the National Small Business Association, approximately 20% of businesses spend up to 120 hours on taxes each year.

This is roughly 15 working days per year.

To be more productive, you can either add things that can improve your productivity, or you can remove some things that cut off your productivity. This step is about the latter.

Tax is to be paid once a year only, but it is not necessary that you work on your tax prep only once a year. If you prepare your tax throughout the year, you have to spend very little time every month and therefore you can achieve this task in a simple and time-saving manner.

Moreover, if you prepare your tax files at once, it can be a lot of work to do. If you do it every month, you can do this task with less hassle.

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